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Composer, Conductor and Orchestrator


Emmanuel Segarra

Concert, Videogame and Film enthusiast, Emmanuel Segarra has a distinct voice of composition. His music captures the melodic essence of a scene and uses the atmosphere for harmonic inspiration. Mostly focused on orchestral-acoustic music he seeks to deliver great and personal sounds that spectators will find emotionally attached to and be fully immersed in the narrative of the story. 

Emmanuel Segarra has been involved in music for the majority of his lifetime. Playing the Alto Saxophone he acquired the knowledge of many different musical styles.

As a composer, he has been experienced with large ensembles such as Symphonic Orchestras and Concert Bands, acquiring recognitions from the Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico, Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, and even the Smithsonian Institute in the American Sabor Composition Contest where he debuted as a conductor and composer with the Puerto Rico Concert Band. With these opportunities, he has also conducted various of his works, repertoire and premiered other student compositions.

In the media he has been able to work with Film projects as a orchestrator, copyist and composer.

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